Top 4 Reasons to Outsource your IT in 2024

Australian businesses are feeling the impact of the current economic climate and are seeking out ways to increase efficiency and reduce overheads. Outsourcing IT support to an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one easy and smart way to save money and improve productivity.

With a collective 30+ years in the industry, our panel has prepared the top 4 reasons to outsource your IT in 2024.

  1. Cost efficiency
    One of the most compelling reasons to embrace MSPs is the cost-efficiency they bring to the table. Building and maintaining an in-house IT team involves substantial overhead costs, from salaries/benefits, to infrastructure/toolsets and training. MSPs offer a budget-friendly alternative, providing access to a team of skilled professionals without the burden of a hefty payroll, leave, etc.

  2. Security

    A paramount concern for businesses, with data breaches regularly grabbing the headlines of the news. MSPs are well-equipped to implement robust cybersecurity measures, safeguarding your data and systems against evolving threats. Their proactive approach to monitoring, detecting, and mitigating potential risks provides a level of protection that is often challenging to achieve in-house.

  3. Scalability
    Another key advantage of outsourcing IT support. As your business grows, an MSP can seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs. This flexibility ensures that you have the right resources at the right time, avoiding the challenges associated with workforce management during periods of expansion or contraction.

  4. Staying ahead of the curve
    MSPs specialise in staying ahead of the technological curve. In the fast-paced world of IT, staying current with the latest trends, security protocols, and software updates is a daunting task. By outsourcing to an MSP, you tap into a reservoir of expertise, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of technological innovation and security.

Outsourcing IT support to an MSP is not just a strategic business move; it’s an investment in efficiency, scalability, expertise, and security. By entrusting your technology needs to dedicated professionals, you free up valuable resources to focus on what truly matters – the growth and success of your business.

Whether you’re ready to outsource your entire IT department or want to downsize your internal effort whilst achieving IT maturity, contact the Starboard IT team today to find out if we’d be a good fit.

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