Remote IT Support & How It Can Work For Your Business

There is at least one good thing to come from the Coronavirus pandemic. We have realised employees using IT can work remotely and business continues. During seemingly endless, and repeated, lockdowns, we’ve sat in our ‘offices’ (dining room, spare bedroom, I ‘met’ one gentleman working in a garden shed!) at home.

We’ve quietly got on with our work, meeting clients and workmates via Zoom or Teams until it became ‘normal’. The first day back in the real office can feel like a culture shock!

It’s likely, as long as the future remains uncertain regarding the Coronavirus, employees will continue to work at home, at least part of the time. IT business is going to look different now we’ve learned the freedom of working when we want to, wearing (more or less) what we want to and time we gain without the daily commute.

Now that we know how seamlessly we can work remotely, it makes perfect sense for your business to have outsourced, remote IT support. Let’s look at why…

What will remote IT support do for my company?


Partnering with an experienced, reliable IT company allows you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Working with a company with experience and well-trained staff. You need to be able to trust them to make IT work, invisibly, behind the scenes for your employees.

Full system support

Your IT partner will support your entire system. Your software will always be current and patched to the latest version. Networks and hardware will be secure and permanently monitored for security threats. Risks will be dealt with, often before your staff know about them.

Disaster recovery – covered!

Data will be backed up and your IT support team will have developed a disaster recovery strategy to get your IT systems back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster causing the system to stop working. The causes can be malicious individuals or as simple as a lightning strike or power cut!

Call whenever you need to

You will have an Australia-based helpdesk for IT queries, available all day, every day. Your employees and clients can access your systems at all hours, you need your IT support to be available, too.

Faults raised to the helpdesk will be resolved. Employees who raise faults with the helpdesk will be advised on progress in investigating, fixing, testing and deploying the solution to their problem.


Where possible, changes to the system or software and major upgrades will be carried out in the evening or the weekend, to minimise the impact on your company’s productivity.

Stress-free IT

Best of all? This is stress-free IT for your business!

Working with a proven and professional IT partner you trust, you can get on with running your business knowing your IT is in the best hands.

Starboard IT – The remote IT solution for your business

Starboard IT tick all the boxes. Working with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals and with hundreds of delighted customers.

Our team are multi-skilled, experienced, well-trained and passionate about what they do. We will get to know your company, what you do and how you work. We will understand the processes that make your company tick. Most importantly, we will make sure you have the best possible IT systems and services for your needs.

IT at your Service – resources on-demand

Starboard IT’s advanced ‘IT at your service’ initiative provides great value for you. We don’t do ‘lock in’ contracts. We will ramp our services up, or down, to meet your company’s requirements.

If you have an urgent need for additional IT support, for a major system upgrade or to provide some top-quality training for your IT users, we’ll provide the additional support for as long as needed.

We will help you with your long-term IT strategy and, if you need some major IT changes, we will bring in our project management team to provide you with estimated costs, schedules and highlight any risks to be considered.

Your IT Service Delivery Manager will be your single point of contact and will understand your current and future IT needs, aiming for continuous improvement.

Affordable IT expertise, personalised for the needs of your company. You won’t find better. Contact Starboard IT for a chat and begin your move to hassle-free IT services.

For more information

If you’re looking for consultancy services on your company’s security policy, contact Starboard IT to find out what we can do for you.

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