What You Should Expect From Professional It Services

So, you realise your business needs professional IT services. You may be thinking of moving to the cloud for the mobility and collaborative benefits. Maybe your system needs a fix or boost to enhance performance. Or you may need to increase your storage capacity. If you are considering outsourcing your IT support and maintenance. Or seeking assistance and advice on an IT strategy for your business, consider Starboard IT.

Your business will have many choices and this is an important decision. Choosing a less professional IT company can be disastrous for your critical IT systems, infrastructure and data. This can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful! Working with a quality, professional, IT services company will free you up to focus on your business.

What should you consider?

Technical expertise

Your company should only consider working with an IT company that has relevant technical expertise. Check out their website. Have they done the work you need before? Are there any case studies as examples of their work?

Many companies are undergoing a lift and shift of all, or some, IT systems from on-premise hardware to the cloud. You wouldn’t expect an electrician to do professional plumbing work. Ensure the IT company you work with has evidence of having done this before. A professional IT services company will have a number of technical resources with similar skills to ensure the knowledge is always available.

Similar to having expertise, above, a company with lots of experience will be better than the new kid on the block. You know things can, and do, go wrong and an experienced IT services provider will be aware of this too. A good, professional IT company will have learned from previous problems, constantly improving their processes and methods. They will understand the risks associated with their work for you. And they will have a plan to deal with them.

Safety and security
The safety and security of your IT systems and data are critical to your business. A professional IT services company will understand security risks and have procedures in place to handle them. Your data will be regularly backed up and patches and updates will be seamlessly applied to your systems. They may also take control of IDs and access to your IT systems to ensure your security is top-notch.

This is deliberately NOT at the top of the list! You want a cost-effective IT service but beware of an IT company that can do everything at a cheap price. They certainly won’t be able to do all the services you need. Fixing their mistakes may turn out to be more expensive.

There is an obvious cost-benefit of outsourcing your IT services or working with a professional IT services provider. They will free you and any in-house IT teams to concentrate on your business and new IT projects.

Service Levels
You should make sure that any IT services company can be contacted when needed. This means 24 hours a day, every day. Ideally, the helpdesk would be in Australia and they should be able to identify a Service or Project Manager to be your main contact.

Again, visit their website. IT companies like to display testimonials from delighted clients. If they don’t have any, it may be they don’t have any delighted clients!

Starboard IT – your professional IT Service Providers
Starboard IT have a wealth of experience, meaning we have spent years working in the business. We have technical expertise and well-experienced staff. We have numerous case studies and testimonials from delighted clients on our website!

At Starboard IT we know our strengths and our website details our expertise. We specialise in areas such as provision of support and maintenance. Cloud solutions. And optimising and upgrading existing assets and infrastructure.

Make sure you only hire professionals. Get in touch with Starboard IT today to discuss how we can work with you.

If you’re looking for consultancy services on your company’s security policy, contact Starboard IT to find out what we can do for you.

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