How IT Service Management Can Benefit Your Business

Having a framework around how your IT service is managed can be highly beneficial to your business. Keeping aligned to toolsets supported by ITLL (a framework of detailed practices for ITSM), such as ServiceNow Service Management Suite, BMC Remedy and Invanti Service Manager.

Providing a useful service to end users i.e. taking a user-centric approach to delivering IT services which can quickly provide a measurable boost to the quality of service provided by the service desk. Areas benefitted by ITSM include:

  1. Incident management – Properly handled incident management ensures that every time you report an incident, all the information required to fix it is captured, and responses/resolution timeframes are clearly defined and agreed on.
  2. Problem management – This addresses the root cause of whatever is going wrong with incidents to ensure your service desk provides a lasting solution.
  3. Change management – the principle behind this is ensuring that every time a change is made to IT systems that might impact someone’s ability to work, that there’s a record of what is done, and when, and what can be done to roll back in case something goes wrong.
  4. Knowledge management – this is really about ensuring that information related to IT systems is retained and shared within the business, as opposed to within the minds of individuals. This mostly refers to documentation.

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