Data Centre & Office Relocation

Relocation & migration of dual company’s data centres and office equipment and infrastructure.

Data Centre and Office Relocation OVERVIEW

The Need:

The business was required to relocate Data Centre and Office as their lease was due to expire.

The Solution:

Lead the relocation of both the office and data centre to new location as well as manage the relationships of 6 vendors.

The Benefit:

The project was completed ahead of schedule, within scope and at a reduced cost without impacting work productivity.


Recognised globally organisation that have significant Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capability in the Australia, servicing tier 1 Australian companies and Government organisations such as the RBA, QBE, Sydney University, and RACQ.

The organisation was faced with an expiring lease on their office and Data Centre (DC) with costly renewal fees. They were presented the opportunity to consolidate with a fellow business, which meant relocation of computer infrastructure into the existing DC. The Starboard IT team was engaged over a 6-month period to Project Manage the relocation of the technology Service’s DC including approximately 1000 computing objects and entire office consisting of approximately 50 people.

The business had been running two DC’s, with duplicate staff and separate infrastructures consequently yielding high financial and operational costs. The Starboard IT team worked onsite planning details and co-ordinating a multi-vendor project (6 vendors) for the move from one Sydney DC to another Sydney DC without incident or impacting productivity. Strong leadership skills and discipline to project management and vendor management team resulted in successful outcomes. The project was completed ahead of schedule, within scope and at a reduced cost.


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