Why You Should Use Microsoft Teams For Your Projects

Successful projects require communication across different areas of a business. This can often mean seeking out various stakeholders of the business, who can be based anywhere. Trying to collaborate when critical members of the team are based in different cities, states or even countries can be difficult.

Finding a tool to help your team work efficiently and effectively together is essential. Microsoft Teams allows the team to have communications, documents and software in the same place.

Team work

Microsoft Teams is linked to other Office365 file services including OneDrive and SharePoint, so documents can be accessed and conversed about through Microsoft Teams in real-time.

Streamline project communications

Creating channels for the project allows for quick updates and feedback on work packages.


You can record your teleconference meetings audio visual content in Teams for later review in Microsoft Stream and from there the software can transcribe the audio from the Teams call with an output. This feature allows for simple searching of key words from the meeting.

If you’re looking to implement or find out more about how Microsoft Teams could benefit your business get in touch today.

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