Utilising Your Team For Project Results

Many projects are managed solo, meaning that the team consists of a project manager and a team of implementers.  This means that the PM is expected to wear many hats that pull them away from their core role.  This often can spill into areas such as system design, organisation change manager, and communications.

Two particular roles often overlooked are the Project Coordinator and Communications.  Not only do these roles bolster the project and set it on a path for success but they also provide quality of the outcomes of the project by focusing on the finer detail.

Looking a little more deeply….

Project Coordinators (PC) work hand in hand with a project manager and their main role is to assist the Project Managers in many aspects of the administration of the project so that the PM can maintain their focus on delivering the project.  The good thing is that one PC can service several projects so the costs of this resource can be spread across projects therefore the upfront costs are kept to a minimum.

A  common item on all post implementation reviews is “Communications could be improved” and rarely do I see this addressed for the next project.  The Comms Coordinator is the person that keeps the people impacted by the changes up to date on what where when why and hows of the project.

Perception is everything for many projects and maintaining the right perception throughout the duration of the project is most important.  Like the PC the Comms Coordinator can be used across many projects spreading costs.

We believe that building out all the aspects of your project team is essential to delivering successful projects which is why we offer IT At Your Service  – if your business has a project coming up contact us today!

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