Understanding the Rapid Changes in Technology

As business decision makers, we tend to be in one of two camps. We’re either a ‘here we go again’ type or an embracer, excited by the prospect of change.

In days’ past, technology decisions were, for the most part, left to the IT department, however in this age of information people are empowered and tech decisions are being driven from all areas of the business.  As a business leader, you need to understand that the rate of technology is increasing and it is critical to understand what the underlying drivers of tech change are.


Cloud is no longer just an industry buzz word, it’s being embraced for its flexibility, cost model, and scalability. Another phase we’re coming across is interchangeable for ‘cloud’ is ‘X as a service’. Some common examples are Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), the list goes on.

Cloud provides the agility that companies have been looking for in IT.  The time to deploy IT services has dramatically reduced thanks mainly to cloud services. What once took a week – standing up a server – is now measured in minutes with small upfront costs. This means that businesses are realising the value of projects quickly and this is inspiring people to champion tech change across the business.

Mobile Technology and Work from Anywhere

Mobile technology has matured and has become a reliable means to perform most business functions from any location that has internet services.  From mobile phones, tablets and modern day laptops, and BYOD have enabled a revolutionary change in the way we work.  The term “there’s an app for that” embodies the rate of tech change we are seeing.  Need a solution to a problem? Then search Google Play or the Apple Store, chances are there’s a mobile application available at a low cost.


Access to reliable data and the information that’s generated from this raw data is driving tech change.  Many organisations have become datacentric organisations, embracing business intelligence (BI), big data and data analytics.  Being able to dive deeply and broadly into data and retrieve information about their industry, their business operations, customer behaviours, suppliers, etc.  This is giving business the power to make informed decisions quickly.

The next wave of tech change is upon us.

Blockchain is widely considered the next big thing in data and is transforming the way we think about the storage and use of data.  Secure by design, it lends itself to many applications.  Most of the big industries are investing heavily in this technology, not surprising the banks and financial services are leading the charge. One to keep an eye on and to consider relevance for your industry.

So whether you’re a tech fiend or on the fence, perhaps you should be asking yourself..

  • Do you have an up-to-date IT strategy?  Is this in-line with your business objectives?
  • Do you have the right people that embrace tech change?
  • Do you see technology as providing a competitive advantage or a necessary burden?

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