The Differences Between Secure IT Services & Non Secure IT Services

There are news stories almost weekly about IT systems being hacked or attacked or theft of personal data and passwords. IT security is a hot topic but there are still organisations with non-secure IT systems.

This article will take a closer look at the benefits of secure IT systems and we will identify some of the risks to a company with non-secure IT systems.

Secure IT services

Secure IT services offer the best way to maintain and protect a business’s data, information systems and intellectual property. Secure IT services include providing protection for networks, servers and workstations. Programs running on those devices like email clients, browsers and software applications and tools should be secured. Data must be secured and possibly encrypted.

Secure IT services should include access control and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Ensure that company resources are accessible only by authorized personnel, which is a key part of any security strategy.

Benefits of secure IT services

There are many benefits when organisations have secure IT services. The benefits that impact your business include:

  • better customer trust
    Modern customers are tech-savvy. They look for websites with HTTPS and the padlock symbol. This indicates SSL certificates are current. To customers, it gives them the confidence of dealing with a safe and professional company
  • increased productivity
    Professional cybersecurity measures reduce the risk of IT system downtime. You’ll have protection from a range of malicious attacks. Employees can get on with their daily tasks and are less likely to have non-productive time with a more stable system.
  • lower insurance premiums
    Cyber insurance is a thing! Generally, insurance will cover you for loss of income following a security incident. There is provision to help notify your clients of the security breach and to provide a level of public relations help. Premiums will be reduced if you have invested in IT security.
  • Improved reputation
    You should be known to have IT security in place, visible via ‘HTTPS’ website security, as above. The fact you have not suffered a security breach will enhance your reputation as a reliable online option.
  • Peace of mind
    Professional IT security is a business investment. The payback is peace of mind for you, confident that IT systems are protected.

Non-secure IT services

These types of networks do not have any security features providing protection against malicious activity. Non Secure IT services provide an open environment where one cannot control access to systems and applications which can be dangerous for business-critical information.

There are no decent access control protocols. Company passwords are weak and easily guessed or shared with others. This leaves your company vulnerable to hacking and other cyber-attacks. (The author knows of a major defence organisation in Europe that issues the default password ‘Secret12’ to new users. Instructions mandate a change of password at first login but I suspect many users don’t bother!)

Employees aren’t trained in IT security. They don’t know how to spot phishing emails leaving them susceptible to malware and identity theft. Employees use public Wi-Fi networks without protection from their own devices. This puts them at risk of network attacks on their devices as well as the company’s network infrastructure.

Why do organisations have non-secure IT services?

Surprisingly, there are organisations with no IT security measures. This is a bad, and risky, business decision. Possible reasons are:

  • Senior management doesn’t understand how important security is and what they could lose if there was a data breach
  • The company has never had an issue with security, so they assume it never will
  • They believe their data isn’t valuable enough to warrant spending money on better security measures
  • The organisation may not be aware they have non-secure IT services
  • They do not want the hassle and expense involved in adapting and maintaining IT security

Risks of non-secure IT services

Some benefits of professional IT security services are suggested above. What are some risks of not having cyber-security measures, of not training employees and not having access controls?

  • Hackers can steal confidential information and sell it to the highest bidder
  • A virus or malware could infect your company’s computers slowing them down and causing problems with data storage
  • Unaware employees may accidentally download a malicious program leaving the company vulnerable to attack or a ransom demand
  • Employees may be able to access sensitive data without permission which can lead to identity theft
  • Employees might be able to access confidential information about other employees by accident

If your organisation does suffer from some form of cyber attack or data theft it can ruin your reputation with customers and affect your ability to trade for years.

Secure your IT systems, and your company, with Starboard IT

Cyber and IT security is not an expense it is a smart business decision. Starboard IT are security experts. Our team are well trained and experienced with global and national clients.

We will help encrypt data and install or update firewalls. We can manage or advise on strong access control measures. We make sure your web presence is secured (via HTTPS!).

Regular monthly payments for our IT security services can be cost-effective. Contact Starboard IT to discuss your business technology and security requirements or have a chat about how we could review your systems and make suggestions to improve security.

Let us focus on your IT systems so you can continue to grow your business.

For more information

If you’re looking for consultancy services on your company’s security policy, contact Starboard IT to find out what we can do for you.

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