Keeping Your Data Safe When Using VC Meeting Platforms

Coronavirus has changed the way most businesses operate, with most businesses moving into a remote workforce, many companies have taken to video conferencing to help maintain communication across their teams. This increase in video conferencing also means a lot of sensitive information and private data is being shared in a virtual space, which obviously has some security risks, that, if not mitigated can risk your data. So while many virtual meeting solution providers promote their security capabilities of their systems, with the massive uptake in users, there have been many reports of security issues. So how do you minimise the risk to your data?

Use a tried and tested provider:

Create a Video Conferencing Policy Create and distribute a safety guide to your staff to explain how to use video conferencing appropriately, set up some general guidelines on how to use the tool you’ve chosen and the do’s and don’ts.

Centralised authentication Every video conference needs to be protected from unauthorised people gaining access, by enabling single-sign on to access the toolset to schedule and enter meetings your users don’t need to manage multiple passwords and prevents unauthorised people accessing your data. You can also implement an audit trail which, in the event of investigating a security incident will help you trace the events.

Encryption is essential Encryption is critical for your business security, not only does it stop random people accessing your system, it secures the content of your communications.

Video Recordings If you record your meetings its crucial to securely save the content, by integrating your video conferencing tool with a centralised video content management system for easier and more secure management of video recordings. If you’re looking for further advice on how you can make your video meetings more secure get in touch today!

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