How outsourcing IT Managed Services can benefit your business

Modern cloud-based IT systems, with an agile, mobile workforce and an always-online presence must be monitored and managed to ensure your company stays productive, online and competitive.

IT-savvy management should consider the benefits of outsourcing some, or all, IT services, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. This article will look at why you should consider using expert, outsourced IT Managed services for your business.

What services you should expect from an IT Managed Services team

IT should be invisible – it’s not something you should need to give much thought to on a day-to-day basis. IT problems are distractions that prevent you from doing what you do best – leading and growing your business. An IT Managed Services team should quietly and competently continue to ensure your essential systems and services are monitored, managed and work seamlessly.

Network and infrastructure

This includes servers, devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, ‘phones and tablets plus the network that links them all. IT support will constantly monitor your network and infrastructure, resolving any issues found to keep the company online and productive.


Software, plus company websites, email and messaging systems are monitored for malicious activity and patched to the current version. Key company-owned software is backed up as part of a disaster recovery strategy.

Major patches or updates may be conducted during quiet times (evenings and weekends) to reduce the risk of interruptions or system outages for your staff and clients.

Data (backups and recovery)

Your precious data, including financial data, employee and customer information and up-to-date transactions are backed up. (Ideally, records of transactions with your online presence are backed up in real-time, as they happen, so in the event of an IT ‘disaster’, your company could recover to ‘now’!)

Employee training

Staff are trained in IT security. They learn how to recognise and deal with malicious emails and websites. They are taught the importance of ‘strong’, secret passwords.

Employees may be trained in the use of key software and company procedures. New, or updated software may include online documentation and ‘hover over’ tips (for employees and customers).

Helpdesk support

A professional IT Managed Services provider will have a helpdesk available, and resourced, 24 hours each day. The modern helpdesk uses a variety of methods of logging faults and queries. You should expect to be able to contact your support ream via ‘phone, email or a messaging service.

A ticketing system may be used to log each call and to track progress towards the resolution of faults.

Your current IT Support – the pros and cons Cost

IT Managed Services are typically much more cost-effective than hiring in-house IT staff. A regular payment ensures you have a well-trained and experienced IT team available constantly. You don’t have to employ and train IT staff and you don’t have to worry about experience-gaps caused by staff illness or holidays.

Increase efficiency

IT Managed Services solutions provide constant, remote monitoring of your computers and network infrastructure. This means you can continue working without being affected by downtime or IT problems. IT Managed Services can give IT staff more time to focus on strategic projects that can help grow your business.

IT outsourcing companies can provide IT services your in-house IT team would be unable to provide because of a lack of expertise. IT Outsourcing solutions often allow companies to respond quickly to changes in the market using their large knowledge base.

IT security

IT Managed Services protect your IT systems from malware, viruses and other threats. Professional IT Managed services keep IT security software patched up-to-date for maximum protection. They will plan and prepare for disaster recovery by maintaining backups of data and systems.

Starboard IT – provision of expert IT Managed Services

With Starboard IT, we are never just on the end of the phone. We will understand your technology. We will get to know your business and how the business processes work. We will work hard to ensure your business is successful. IT concerns can fade into the background so you can get back to the job of making your company successful.

Our technical team are well-trained, experienced and professional. Our years of experience in successfully delivering IT Managed Services and IT support services have earned us our reputation for professionalism and excellence.

We can provide you with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager as a single point of contact to help you with your IT strategy decisions.

We can ramp up our services as needed. Your Service Delivery Manager can plan and deliver any required project work using our technical team, switching to support mode on completion.

Contact Starboard IT today to discuss your IT needs and let us deliver peace of mind.

For more information

If you’re looking for consultancy services on your company’s security policy, contact Starboard IT to find out what we can do for you.

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