Going Down The Ransomware Rabbit Hole

This year has seen two huge international ransomware attacks, the infamous WannaCry and ExPetr (Also known as Petya and NotPetya). It now appears that another is on the rise, BadRabbit. And while the outbreak is a fraction of the size of NotPetya, BadRabbit has hit several Russian media outlets, including the newswire Interfax, Ukraine’s Odessa airport and Kiev subway system, partially paralyzing their IT systems and disabling the subway system’s credit card payment platform.

This ransomware is a malicious software delivered as a drive-by-attack from compromised websites, tricking users into clicking the malware by falsely alerting users that their Flash player requires an update. Once installed, BadRabbit attempts to spread across your network and encrypt data, unless a fee is paid to the hacker. The only other alternative is to restore from backup.

There is no denying that 2017 has been a crazy year. We’ve witnessed sensitive data leaks from the National Security Agency, the Wannacry ransomware and of course the massive Equifax breach.

No infrastructure is impenetrable and hackers are always trying to find innovative ways of infiltrating your organisation’s technology. The important thing is trying to stay one step ahead and take preventative measures. If you’re concerned about your business security, contact us today to set up a security assessment.

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